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Yet again Feasters hail Brasted’s ‘the best!’

September is the start of an incredible season for food and to celebrate this ‘The Lloyd Addison Moveable Feast for Parkinson’s’ takes place in Norwich City Centre.  It is a unique dining experience where over 600 Feasters enjoy the wares of Norwich’s finest restaurants.  The essence of the moveable feast, created by Lloyd Addison, is that guests have their starter in one restaurant, then move on to another restaurant for main course and finally a different restaurant for pudding!  Brasted’s Restaurant has participated for the last five years by creating the Framingham Pigot restaurant in the beautiful venue of Dragon Hall in King Street.  2010 was the third time in succession that Brasted’s was voted Best Restaurant by the feasters.  The Moveable Feast has been going for 11 years and profits are donated to Parkinson’s UK.  The 2010 event raised a massive £5,339.60 for the charity.

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